Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Sky Over Dallas

I moved to Dallas 2.5 years ago. Like a lot of people I moved for one thing and instead I've learned that God has blessed me with something so much greater which is to take my writing to another level. I'm an east coast gal and it took time for me to like Dallas. The one thing I simply enjoy and love is the sky. If you live in the Southwest or West coast region check out the sky when the sun is going down when there are shades of purple and blue as the sun is kissing the day goodnight. Check out my piece Dusk Meets Night. Peace.

Dusks Meets Night

Evening sky meets dusk
Simple line of color
Shades of purple and blue
Almost night
As I look up into the sky
Gazing at the stars as they welcome the dark
Knowing I made it through another day
Blessings that shower over me
As dusk meets the night
Gazing into the sky
My eyes talk to the stars
As I study each one of them
Uniquely shaped and scattered in no sort of order
Summer breeze whisking around me
As the wind softly whispers in my ear
As I praise nightfall
The quietest time of my day
No chatter, no work to be done
Just a date with my pen as I write into the night
I closed my eyes for what seemed like minutes
Turned into hours
Dreaming in the stillness of the dark
I was awakened by the beaming sunlight
Saddened that I missed the darkness of night
Getting ready for my workday
Sitting on the edge of my bed as I pray
Making through in some sort of way
Looking forward to the night as I will spend time with my pen
And just write and write into the night

Copyright 2008 Serena Wills All Rights Reserved

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