Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Time to Go Back to Africa...Sounds of the Ocean

Next year is almost here and I'm sitting at my laptop reflecting on my trip to Africa over 8 years ago. Something inside my soul has been yearning to go back. So next year I'm finally going to make the journey back with my good friend Raashida who frequents the continent quite often. Enjoy this piece I wrote on my last journey and reflect on the last time you went on a spiritual excursion.

Sounds of the Ocean

Listen…she said…Stand still…
Close your eyes and listen to what they said
The ancestors were there and the spirits beside me
Guiding me to the ocean
I stood still
As I looked into the clear blue water of the Indian Ocean
I felt Yemaya as I was welcomed into her home
Simply beautiful
As I stood at the shore I prayed
Giving many thanks to those who walked before me
Those who have shown me and those who are with me
The ocean holds the spirits of our ancestors who were enslaved
They make the world go round as they talk to me
Through the sound of the ocean
Just listen my friend said as she grabbed my hand
I stood there and looked at the lay of the land
Standing in Africa
On an African beach in Durban where I stood and listened to the waves crashing, children laughing and the wind talking
As I stood there I reflected back on my life and knew that everything happened for a reason
Standing here as the season changes before me
Reminiscing on all the moments in time with a deep sigh of relief
I am here and alive
Breathing in the air of salt water
Listening to the wind and watching the waves crashing
Here we stand at the Indian Ocean on the coast of Durban
Once again just listen…shhhhh
He is here …listen to what they have to say and give thanks
Listen…our ancestors are here.

Copyright (c) Serena Wills 2008
All Rights Reserved


Brooke said...

This was wonderful, thank you for sharing!

sarah jane said...

Oddly, I'm going to Kenya in Oct 09. We should talk!

Serena W. said...

Yes Sarah Jane let's chat! I plan on going back to South Africa in November with the hopes of seeing Capetown. But yes let's chat!

Brooke thanks for the comment :) I love sharing my poetry!!!