Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Faith in the Valley

I wrote this piece the night President Obama won the election. In honor of National Poetry Month I will post a poem every Sunday. Since I missed this passed Sunday this will be my first post and this Sunday you'll see another (two for one). This historic night rang through my spirit as I witnessed with thousands of people at Friendship West Baptist Church that night. People were crying, falling to their knees thanking God and the elders raised their hands high as they didn't think that they would ever see this happen. Enjoy my piece titled, "Faith in the Valley."

Change was made tonight
United country we stood
Strive to vote for change
All races, creed, religions
Came together
And jumped from a crumbling foundation
Of what was the past
And took a leap of faith onto a concrete future
God showed me
What true faith is
Believing in Him and never taking your eye off of your Father
We struggled, have been impoverished and beaten down
Some thought God can’t be around
He wouldn’t allow this to happen to His people
But we went through strife and pain
So when the struggle is over we will regain
As he doesn’t want us to get into a habit of maintaining
Any faith that was lost
I’ll be able to tell my children “Si se puede
Strive for the best and know
Sky’s the limit
Our ancestors, elders made this path for us
One stepped out of the crowd and had faith
And with his prayer warriors and belief in Him
He won the fight and got in
A man who could look me into the eye and relate to me…to us
Everything he says touches my heart
But one speech resonates with me apart from all…
DNC night he said, “I only met my father once while I was 10, I believe his absence shaped the person that I am today.”
Room went silent
Heavy tears flowed
He was talking to me
All the years and I now know
I am who I am partly because of his absence
Could’ve went the other way and strayed
But his absence and my Mothers strong arm helped me to stay
Grounded, focused and simply astounded
That our President can relate to me, we…all
The struggle isn’t over
Time to work
As we become
A united front

Copyright 2009 Serena Wills

All Rights Reserved


Brooke said...

This was GREAT! I felt like it was that night all over again! Love it!

Serena W. said...

I read this piece on Friday when I was a feature for ArtLoveMagic at Saxby's Coffee House. I got some snaps when I said "Si Se Puede!" I wore my Obama t-shirt and rocked it!

I'm glad you enjoyed it!!!!! Stay tuned for another piece this Sunday and every Sunday in April :)