Sunday, August 2, 2009

Life Transformation

Life Transformation

I’ve been in the DC area better known as DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) area for 23 days. Truly blessed that I’m starting a new chapter in my life and at the same time a little sad that one is closing. Sometimes people don’t understand when it’s time to move on or even move back. I had been back and forth praying about my return to the east coast but at the same time I didn’t know if I should leave Dallas because of the great things that were happening with my artistry, meeting great people and being so active. I discovered things internally that had been festering inside me when I first lived in Alexandria, VA for 8.5 years before moving to Dallas for love. The love I moved for came and went and at first I felt bad about it but after time, healing and motivation I saw my true purpose for leaving VA. I was supposed to take my writing and poetry to another level that I had never reached because I was too distracted in DMV when I was younger. Too busy hitting the streets, clubs and chilling and barely concentrating on my love for writing and poetry.

All the while this was festering in my soul and spirit between 1997-2006 it never came to full fruition. Many teachers since elementary school strongly encouraged me to take my writing seriously. They called it a gift. I just saw it as writing well. But in Dallas, TX between the many artists that embraced and touched me, various people and places such as ArtLoveMagic, Art Conspiracy, Writers Block, Inc. and the South Dallas Cultural Center I grew into my creative spirit. Even my church home Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship has their Creative Tyme ministry which focuses on the arts where I met accomplished authors. My nonprofit career shifted back into arts education and everywhere I turned I felt inspired after a while.

So why did I leave Dallas, TX with all of this greatness happening? After the death of my sister in 2007 I knew that I had to be closer to my family and support circle. Her death made me think of life differently as I submitted pieces to be published. I knew that tomorrow wasn’t promised to anyone. Being so far away from my mother and family at a time like this internally killed a piece of my spirit. However I was restored through prayer, meditation and a grieving class, I came to grips with her death and thanked God for the 24 years I had with her. Since Ayana left us I’ve been published three times, completed three books and hit the open mic scene. I learned to use my words to reach out to the masses because you never know how you can affect a person. Your testimony may be what they needed to hear.

I used the heartache of a bad break up and molded it into energy to light more fire under my creative soul. I knew at the end of 2007 that God had me on a time clock with Dallas and He would let me know when it was time to take my show on the road.

At the beginning of this year I was given my answer by God that it was time to start heading east. Changes at my job played a huge role in my decision. I was also missing the 5+ children that I have in my life growing up before my eyes. I didn’t want to miss my goddaughter’s senior year of high school, my godson/nephew Rahiem graduate from middle school, another beach loving summer with my nephew Dontae just to name a few. I decided to step out on faith and leave and try to work for my own. I secured contracts and my writing was on fire as I now featured at wonderful events. My small business of framed poetry was taking off both in Dallas and east coast. I knew I had to go back to the DC area because I had some unfinished business. It was time to take my talents and really go to another level from the east. DC is such a Mecca for the arts, urban scene and inspiration as we have a new leader of the free world President Obama.

Sometimes life will transform in front of your own very eyes. You don’t know why things are happening. Why you had to hit rock bottom financially or things didn’t go right at first but in the end you come out clearer with a crisp mind and clean spirit. As soon as I hit the east I began to get my financial house in order, my house back in TX looks like it will finally sell, getting on the scene to see how I can market myself as well as artists back in Dallas but here on the east. I saw my mother, grandmother, sister Christina and friends that I grew up with for the first time in 6.5 months. So many things came to light as I sat quiet and reflected on my journeys. Even some friends I had when I lived in DMV years ago aren’t in my circle any more. We grew a part as life took us different pathways. But I’m thankful for the new friends and paths both in TX , DC area and NYC. I even had some friends fall off the radar in TX before I left because they were judgmental or their paths didn’t link up with mine. Those I am close too and are true artists and love what they do regardless of your career, goals and dreams are going a lot of places and we are like minded. We have gifts from God that the world is going to see.

I felt compelled to write this blog because some people don’t understand why I moved and what caused it. I do miss Dallas so much. Mainly my friends, artists and writers that rock on many levels that it’s unbelievable. I’m now thirstier for what God has next in store for me and I want to use this opportunity to take those who want to go on the ride with me. So stay tuned for more creativity coming from yours truly and Dallas I miss you greatly. There is a very special place in my heart for the great things happening there and I will return to visit and do shows soon. But no matter where you live, if it’s your time to shine, take your talents to another level and even if it requires moving then don’t hesitate…motivate and make it happen. We only have one shot at life and you have to ask yourself…am I going to prevent myself from making my dreams happen or get on the bus to my future.

Symbol shown above is a West African Adinkra symbol for life transformation.


Anonymous said...

When I first left Atlanta in 2003 after 8 years, many people did not understand it as well. I wasn't even sure either...just knew that after my mother died in 1998, it was time to get closer to family and eventually I saw moving my Dad here on the horizon (due to slowly failing health) from upstate NY was going to be a reality. I was into the public health and community development scene deep and left a very good job with CDC to come here. I doubted that it was a good move for a long time until the last two years when the Universe pushed me fully into the arts, where I was suppose to be in the first place. Now that many people from my Atlanta life have re-connected with me on Facebook, etc., they see. Peace and happiness on your new journey back in the DMV. Feel free to contact me and we can do lunch or dinner or whatever, on Liberated Muse or on my blog.

Peace, sjb

Serena W. said...

Hey Art Visions (SJB) thanks for reaching out! Yes sometimes we never know why we are in the place we're in and why. Like you said some friends just didn't understand my move back to the area. But I believe it will come to light sooner than later.

People need to realize that we need to follow suit and go with the natural shift that's happening instead of not trying to do it because that is your future path laid out for you. Some people ignore the calling.

Brooke said...

I'll take that ride with you!

This was a very inspiring read and I have no doubt all of your dreams will come true!

I'm glad things are moving forward for you and I'm happy to be a small part of your life to see it!