Monday, November 8, 2010

Let Freedom Rain

This is a piece I wrote on election night 2008. A client of mine has a 16x20 frame of this piece hanging up in her foyer to keep her inspired. Be blessed and let's stand behind our President!

Let Freedom Rain

History is HIS-STORY
God’s breath that created everything we see
Obama said you want to be on the right side of history
And be a leader by showing your people what you’ve built and not what you can destroy
Dr. King said he wants his children to live in a country
Where they are judged on the content of their character and not the complexion of their skin
Now is the time for change
No more time for affliction nor pain
Hatred has overcome our world
Blanketing miles of cities, states and nations
Time to take action
Grasping our heritage
And what love is left
Are we going to lead our children into a life of mass destruction?
Or step back and start the process of reconstruction
We have too many foes called
Demoralization, racism, classism
All alive and known to well
Babies are having babies
Dropping out of school
Unemployment lines wrapped around the corner
People were given pink slips and given the boot like they were somebody’s fool
What are we to do?
Take back our children
Learn a new trade
Start a new business, fulfill your dreams and not let them fade away
March with our fists raised in the air
Demonstrating to those worldwide that we do care
Revitalize our neighborhoods
Take the broken rocks and pebbles that represent what we’ve been through to rebuild
Our communities
Reestablish dignity
Everlasting fight for freedom
Let it rain…let freedom rain
Of debt collectors, bad financial decisions and savings down to zero
Let the rain wash all of that away as we reeducate ourselves to do better
Smoothing out the path for future generations
Rain pour on us to unite what was once divided
Nations in this together and not against one another
Free from those slave masters currently wanting to see us in fear
Torrential down pour as I watch the tsunami take place in my life
Instead of it doing damage
It has left my self esteem, internal being pure and whole
Freedom has rained on us
New leader, new vision in sight
I can see now…following his footsteps
As he is following those who came before him
The Martins, Malcolm’s, Medgar’s, Shirley’s, Harriets and all
Pour on me a freedom
An experience that I have never imagined
Freedom rain….on me

Written By
Serena T. Wills

Copyright Serena Wills 2008

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Cosmopolitan Kids Media said...

Powerful. Love this piece. And thanks again for following and commenting on our blog.
Any friend of Anna is a friend of ours!

Aisha (from Cosmo Kids)