Friday, March 4, 2011

Musical Dedication to my father Wendell Hayes (RIP)

Wendell Hayes on Right with His Birdhouse
 For those who don't know the story, I never knew my father physically but always heard the stories about how my physique is like his (tall glass of water they called him), long strides as if we aren't in a hurry, fuzzy eyebrows, lots of hair, even at times my attitude is compared to his, etc...

His love for music runs in my veins and today on March 4th, marks 11 years that he left this world physically. I know him through my spirit, through the stories from my sister Shavonn, her mother Patricia, cousins, Uncle Bill, my Aunt Regina and a slew of his friends such as Baba Yomi, Bradley, Craig, Arthur and others. He was a great drummer and although he was known for his African drumming I heard through the grapevine that my Dad loved Afro Cuban music. Funny thing is I love Afro Cuban too and always did.

I salute you Wendell R. Hayes. God had a plan and although I never met you I'm glad I united with my "Hayes" family 11 years ago and know you're a father to me from above. May you play your drums in heaven. Peace and love and enjoy the musical journey...

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