Monday, September 15, 2008

One Year Later...

God has brought me through some storms. There were times when I thought I couldn't walk and I know He carried me. One of my best friend's Randi*and I over a year ago began to notice patterns and call them Pieces of Life. After we reflected on the month that had past we agreed on the title. Last September was called Sudden Death because that is exactly what happened. Life is not always full of blue skies and sunshine. We are tested and no one is ever ready to lose loved ones. I lost my sister on September 22, 2007 and Randi lost her good friend Hope that same week. Below is what we wrote up in this Piece of Life.

Randi and I received very grim news during the last week of September in 2007. All was quiet for this month until I received a call from my Uncle on September 22nd at 4:30am that my sister Ayana who had been battling with multiple medical complications since the day she was born lost the battle. At the sweet age of 24 years old the Lord called her home. Screaming and crying proceeded as I talked to him that early morning. Mommy could barely speak and as she got on the phone it was then that I collected myself and knew that God put me in a position to help Mom and even carry her if she couldn't walk. The flight to New York City was used for reflection and to take a walk down memory lane. I sat looking out the window at the clouds wondering if Ayana could hear my inner thoughts now that she made her transition. Ayana beat the odds as one doctor said when she heard of her passing. As Ayana was laid to rest she looked so beautiful and at peace. No tubes, the trek was gone, no more bottles of medication (eleven to be exact), no more extended visits to the hospital. She was finally home.

Randi's world came to a screeching halt on Wednesday, September 26th. Just one day before Ayana’s funeral. Her friend Hope had been killed by a reckless truck driver in the streets of New York City. She had just spoken to Hope that past weekend as they made plans to see each other one day soon. Hope proceeded to leave Randi a voicemail that same weekend as she read her one of her poems. Randi still has that voicemail saved as that was her last time hearing her sweet friend’s voice. Hope was an aspiring actress and was on her way to the big stage as she took a waitress job to make ends meet. She had just stepped off the curb when the careening truck ran into her leaving her for dead. Hope and Ayana loved the color lavender. Even though we want to question their deaths we were raised to know that God protects everyone, but there are times such as these where we just don't understand. When something tragic happens we understood that God only takes the best and will protect them and us. We also inherited new guardian angels. God brought us through September but the pain is still so fresh.

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Tahira said...

This is beyond beautiful... Keep praying ladies and reach past your goals and aspirations to make your loved ones proud of you..

Much much much love you to