Monday, August 16, 2010

God's Matrimony

In July I witnessed another beautiful couple unite as Desmond and Riki Atkins joined hands in holy matrimony. I was invited along with my friend Will Richey to do a collaboration poem at the reception. This is my part of the poem and when I get Will's half I will post at that time. Desmond and Riki...again congratulations! Both of you inspire me. Denim has two amazing and blessed parents!

God’s Matrimony

God whispered to us
And in His words we trust
Him to lead our paths to become one
Listening to His every direction from within
And out
As we let go of our fears to love each other again
First time we tried to direct the plan
Not knowing that no matter what we did we are just man
God has the final say
As He laid
Down our roads, cobble stone by cobble stone
Every grain of dirt as He paved our way
Walking side by side through this journey
Under His supervision
We steadily listened
Moving forward with God's intervention
Having every intention
On being together for the rest of our lives
Vows will be kept unbroken
Sometimes our love will even be unspoken
Emotions jetting out like a racing stream
Before it embraces the ocean
Spirits flooded with sincere passion
Loving each other constantly
Living out our destiny
Knowing that we are each other’s divine molds
Intricately designed by You
May the love we have
Branch out like trees
From the roots to the leaves
Extending to our little one Denim
So she can see
Her parents loving each other…spiritually
Complimenting each other eternally
Hands intertwined
Praying in unity
On bended knees
As we begin our lives
In God’s Matrimony...

Copyright 2010 by Serena Wills

All Rights Reserved

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