Sunday, October 26, 2008

Always Remember that No Matter What...You Are a Divine Mold

This poem is dedicated to all those who have been through a turbulent relationship and begin to doubt themselves. Always know that you are a divine and unique design made by God. He knows you from every hair on your head down to your toes. He knows your beautiful spirit and wants you to wait on Him to lead that man to you. He has designed someone for you and only in His time will you know. I was also blessed to have this be my first framed poem sold that touched a young ladies heart that now knows she is divine and unique. Peace.

Divine Mold

God will bless me with a chaser
And I don't mean alcohol
I’m talking about a man who believes in that old fashion love
He will pursue ME and when he catches me he will never let go
See I’m a creature of my father God
Unique and divine in every aspect
Perfect in His eyes
I'm here to school those
Who can't appreciate that luvin that only your Grandma can talk about
I now know that just as I was created in God's eyes for someone
In return…God has made someone for me
I've quieted my soul and turned off all negative voices that just don't know
God is my radar screen when it comes to Him leading me
I’m having an internal battle lately and a spiritual conflict so to say
Instead of trusting in Him I lost sight of my way and trusted myself
Led astray from my faith in you God
Forgive me as I give all to you
Again mistaken and take for a fool
God I'm going to keep praying
And must believe it's all in your time
So I'm going to sit back and wait
Just wait for my blessing to appear
Waiting patiently
For that old fashion…old school luvin
That only You will know

Copyright 2008 Serena Wills All Rights Reserved

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