Sunday, October 12, 2008

Moonlit Path...

Once upon a time ago I was in love and was intrigued by my friend's story of meeting her boyfriend in Central Park under the moon light. I wrote this piece dedicated to everyone who isn't looking for the one, but he/she is lead directly to you. You never know...

Moonlit Path

Light shining through my window in the dark of night
Sitting in deep thought
Watching the clouds move until they covered the moon
Lighting scented candles and incense so a sweet smell would go through the air
I heard you rummaging through the house after a hard day at work
Hoping you would be attracted to the smell
My heart skipped a beat as I heard you climb the steps
When I think back to when we met in the park under the full moon, it feels like yesterday
The warm breeze blew through my hair and the leaves were twirling around as you approached me in the still of the night
Music was playing, people were talking and a man was juggling for money
All I could see was you as the moon shined down on the path
The path was lit by the rays of the moon as we moved in closer to one another
When I gazed into your eyes I felt at peace
That moment told me that you were the one
We sat on a bench nearby and talked for hours on end
The sound of your voice softened my soul and made me warm inside
The midnight hour was approaching
We walked down the street and held hands like old friends
Standing at the foot of my stoop we faced one another
You softly pressed your lips on mine and it felt so right
Chills went down my spine when you ran your fingers through my hair
The night finally ended with one last passionate goodnight kiss as you walked away
Hmmmmmmm…that kiss has been on my lips since that night as I look at you now even more in love then the day we met
Finally you entered the doorway to our bedroom after much anticipation
Strong hands began to massage the small of my back
Body shivering and my toes are tingling at your every touch
You took my hand and turned me around so you can kiss my lips
Making your way down as you begin to rub my pregnant belly that is holding our first born
Laying in your arms as we drifted off to sleep as the warm breeze from the window drifted through the room
It took me back to the night I met you on the moonlit path
Where our roads crossed will forever be in my soul
The rays of the moon showered down on us
It was the moonlit path that led me to you

Started on October 6, 2005 and completed June 15th 2006

Copyright 2008 Serena Wills All Rights Reserved

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