Sunday, October 12, 2008

Nubian Woman

I performed this piece last month at an open mic and not only did the women love it but I got great reviews from the men too! I wrote this piece 8+ years ago when a guy I was dating was confused about the fact that women are just as strong as men and know how to handle their business. Hmmmph, the nerve!

This is dedicated to all those who are confused about a strong black woman. Enjoy...

Blood that flows as strong as the Nile River in Ancient Kamet
A personality that is as rare as a four leaf clover in a grassy meadow
Hair like lambs wool
Standing as tall and strong like the pyramids
Describes a strong Nubian woman
A person that can be as calm as a lake
And can handle the Grand Rapids in the Midwest
Physique like no other woman
Jeans fit right filling out all of the spots from left to right
Caramel complexion standing as tall as some of these brothers
That has gained wisdom from her Aunt’s, Uncle’s, Grandparents and Mother
With intelligence and common sense to stand her own ground
and beat you with her wits
Beautiful as a Queen; but will go out to battle with the warriors
With the spirit of Shango and the womanly wise of Oshun
Don’t be afraid of this diamond who learns from her past to build for the future
The strong Nubian woman who will nurture others, teach knowledge
And learn from her elders
Don't be afraid to be with this woman who is proud and encouraging
Someone who will lead you through the valley
And take you to the hilltop
Who can cook, clean, work, repair, volunteer and write
Be a mother, lover, sister and wife
Don't be intimidated by her strong presence and appearance
Love her, caress her, be with her, feel her and hold her
Stroke her mind, feed her continuous knowledge
Do not renege or take advantage
For she is a Queen to be
A woman who will stand by you when you are down, encourage you
When you are broke and love you for you
Hear her lyrics and fine poetry and come to realize that this can be meant to be
Be a friend before a lover
And do not step to her like these others
She sees you as her strong Nubian Man
And at a time of need will carry you on her back
Like she has with others who were in need
Somewhat like the footprints in the sand
Discover each other & learn to love her
For she is priceless
A spirit of a warrior and a figure like no other
A woman who recognizes her descendants and ancestors
That is a Nubian Woman in deed
That is the Nubian woman I see within me
The woman I came to be

Written By 2.5.2000

Copyright 2008 Serena Wills All Rights Reserved

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