Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Pieces of Life Continued...Reconstruction Period!

And this piece of our lives is called...Reconstruction.

Almost a year ago myself and one of my closest friends Randi* talked about reconstruction and how it was time to get our life back on track. Randi and I were tired of crying, battling internal and external demons. Randi and her doctor finally found the right chemical balance in regards to her medicine and she was getting back into life. I was realizing that as much as I longed to move back to the Washington, DC area that God had other plans for me and that is why he brought me to Dallas. God was using various situations in our lives as the vehicles to a higher plain. We were more focused and ready to work.

We didn't let anyone or anything get in the way. If you tried we prayed on it and after a while they were slowly dropping out of our life. As a great woman that I once knew who passed away (Grandma Moorehead) stated, “Ladies it's time to take out the trash and start living your life!”

Through meditation, exercising, focusing more on our dreams of becoming writers and Randi having her production company we were on our way. The road was a little bumpy in the beginning and we learned how to deal with the rough patches and were starting to move in stride.

Always remember the storm doesn't last always. When it does hit you feel uncomfortable as your emotions and feelings are tested. Once it is over the reconstruction can begin and as you begin to feel clean again you will notice a difference. You are at peace with yourself, loved ones and those who caused disruption in your life are no longer around. Don't mourn over the loss, keep moving forward as new friends will be discovered and old ones that are now on the same page as you are resurrected.

Take everything in stride and one day at a time.

Copyright 2008 Serena T. Wills

Take Your Life Back!

Something short and and to the point. Too many of us fall back backwards in life and it's time to get up, dust yourself off and put yourself back together again!


It Was Time to Take Life Back…

Overcoming my demons
Climbing mountains
In this thing called life
No longer
Feeling defeated
As I redirected my energy
Into my love
Therapy for the soul
Cleansing as I traveled to places
Only people imagine
Blessings began to flow
As I won the battle
During this period
of reconstruction

Copyright 2008 Serena T. Wills