Friday, April 20, 2012


I don't think I'm done with this poem yet but wanted to share...peace.

God you have cleaned up my mess
As I've steadily stressed
About things I can't fix
Is always given even when I can't erase
My woes and challenges
Running in this race
Called life
I've been through strife
Emotional damage
Yet you always seem to manage
To give me grace and mercy
Times when I don't think I deserve it
Constantly showered on me from heavens above
Continuous love
Surrounding me
Beginning to remember that I have to lean on the word
Trust the unseen
Know that times might be tough
And I alone can't fix all things
Because I'm on a level that's humanly
Thank you God for Grace and Mercy

Copyright 2012

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Whimsical Moments

I began writing this right after my mother passed away and finally finished it. Enjoy.

Whimsical Moments

You're my air
Into your eyes I glare
Knowing that I received the ultimate prize
You as a mother
And I as your daughter
Still moments in time will be remembered forever
From watching you grace the stage with dance
Having deep conversations with me about forgiving people and sometimes giving them a second chance
From the night you held me tight when I heard my father died
Wiping away a steady flow of tears as I cried
Being my warrior through many battles
Dry days to stark nights you were my water
Pouring energy into my valley like a streaming river
Yet I don't know what I would do
Without you when God calls you home
What I'll have left are memories that will float through my brain as whimsical moments
In my heart you'll always be
Like cherry blossoms petals that travel through a spring breeze
Blooming Marguerite flowers in France
Praying to God that as the seconds, minutes and days go on that they will come more with ease
But for now let's share the time we have left
Creating more memories that will be kept
Whimsical moments we will always have
Beyond your last breath

Written By:

Serena Wills

Copyright 2012

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time

You loved me

Adored me

I would get music in the middle of the night and throughout the day

Various songs that kept me wanting more of you…making me want to stay

In your life forever

And take on an endeavor

To build a future with you

I would jam to songs that was a mixture of R&B, Jazz, Sexy House, Caribbean and Latin tunes

Waking up in the morning I felt your presence next to me

Miles away I would still feel your spirit breathe

Every song told a story

Expressed a feeling


Showing your heart completely

Or so I thought…

Once upon a time

I felt like a fairy tale as we connected in the park

I told my heart no but over time it said yes

And as the music kept coming daily

Telling me your history

I fell for you deeply

God told me He could be the one

Praying day and night I so didn’t want my feelings to jump the gun

You kept me laughing, smiling and in the midst of it all you were healing

Our connection seemed unreal like some of those beautiful story book endings

But like a party our connection played its last song

Crying oceans of tears over what I once I felt

In a snap all of the feelings you had for me left

I’m left with a broken heart

Reminiscing about that day in the park

Sweet memories that we shared now seem so dark

Once upon a time you loved me

I’m now left in silence

And no music to listen to

Written By:

Serena Wills

Copyright (c) 2012