Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Runway to Heaven

This poem just wouldn't come out of my system until today. I wanted to write it after my dear friend Dom passed away back in January but yet another poem was birthed. I'm so glad that I'm writing again and that this piece has been birthed. Runway to Heaven will be in my second poetry book titled, "Crying Tears of Teal" which will be released in 2014. Stay tuned and enjoy this poem.
Runway to Heaven

Heaven and earth sing

As our ancestors ring

The bells as they chime to alert of someone new approaching the gates

As I day dreamed

I looked up to the clouds

Settling over the city lights

Hearing the thunder claps loudly

From a distance

As dusk falls

With colors of purple and pink galore

Forming straight lines through the sky

Like a runway to heaven

A cloud shaped like the formation of a huge hand

I would like to think

God’s hands were coming down

For the first time my eyes witnessed

No separation of my world and heaven

Began envisioning the runway to this place of paradise

A place where people are no longer in pain or suffering

In the land of milk and honey

Where the grass is always green

The birds are always singing

And people love each other unconditionally

Despite the beauty of paradise

I know that my loved ones are always around me

Whether I feel a breeze in my home

Smell the scent of my daddy’s oil

Or the facial expression of my mother crosses my son’s face as he smiles at me

It might be a leaf from my peace lily perks up

Sometimes when I’m reading scripture the page will turn on its own letting me know my grandma Verma is close by

I’m reminded every day that although they are gone physically that the runway to heaven isn’t far

As they descend on earth from time to time to see what’s happening

Protecting us constantly

Guiding us to a better life as they assist God our father with healing, loving and just being

I envision the runway to heaven full of light

Bells chiming

And those huge hands I saw in the clouds

Leading them to paradise

Heaven isn’t far

If you believe

Close your eyes and envision a place of peace and love

A place that I know I will end up in the distant future when it’s my time to go to paradise
Written By:
Serena T. Wills
Copyright 2013
All Rights Are Reserved