Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Time to Go Back to Africa...Sounds of the Ocean

Next year is almost here and I'm sitting at my laptop reflecting on my trip to Africa over 8 years ago. Something inside my soul has been yearning to go back. So next year I'm finally going to make the journey back with my good friend Raashida who frequents the continent quite often. Enjoy this piece I wrote on my last journey and reflect on the last time you went on a spiritual excursion.

Sounds of the Ocean

Listen…she said…Stand still…
Close your eyes and listen to what they said
The ancestors were there and the spirits beside me
Guiding me to the ocean
I stood still
As I looked into the clear blue water of the Indian Ocean
I felt Yemaya as I was welcomed into her home
Simply beautiful
As I stood at the shore I prayed
Giving many thanks to those who walked before me
Those who have shown me and those who are with me
The ocean holds the spirits of our ancestors who were enslaved
They make the world go round as they talk to me
Through the sound of the ocean
Just listen my friend said as she grabbed my hand
I stood there and looked at the lay of the land
Standing in Africa
On an African beach in Durban where I stood and listened to the waves crashing, children laughing and the wind talking
As I stood there I reflected back on my life and knew that everything happened for a reason
Standing here as the season changes before me
Reminiscing on all the moments in time with a deep sigh of relief
I am here and alive
Breathing in the air of salt water
Listening to the wind and watching the waves crashing
Here we stand at the Indian Ocean on the coast of Durban
Once again just listen…shhhhh
He is here …listen to what they have to say and give thanks
Listen…our ancestors are here.

Copyright (c) Serena Wills 2008
All Rights Reserved

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Divine Wryte Cafe Press Shop is Now Open...

Last night I was up until 12am adding images to my Cafe Press website. I had to convert my poems into JPEG images and upload them onto the site and then put them on cool products.

Choose from four poems on a variety of products such as post cards, magnets, wall clocks, journals, keep sake boxes, tiles, bags, etc. More to come after the new year!

The four poems I decided to post are:

Music Makes Me High (you can read the entire piece on my blog)

ReConStruCtion (just posted this as well on my blog a couple of weeks ago)

Good Ole Lovin female and male edit (newer piece for couples who are in that crazy, good ole love)!

Sorority Love (also known as Beautiful Delta for my sorors).

Check it out and order poetic Christmas gifts today!!!! My shop's site is

Your dreams can come true...just believe. Peace.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

It's Here! Order Your Copy of Gumbo for the Soul!

I'm truly blessed to be a contributing author in Gumbo for the Soul: Here's Our Child-Where's the Village! It is here! Today it was launched and is available for purchase on Barnes and Noble website at


You can purchase it now on Amazon at

Books are $11.95 plus shipping on this website!

This book is special to me as it talks about adoption, foster care and the perspectives of what families go through. There are compelling stories, essays, poems, etc.

Two of my gems (my sisters) are adopted. Christina is 19 years old and was born to a crack addicted mother. This is truly a compelling story as I discovered her while volunteering for my high school community service hours. Her story is entitled A Diamond in the Rough.

Ayana (deceased) was born to my Aunt Doretha in 1983. Her story is titled Against the Odds. Aunt Doretha died of AIDS complications in 1983 and my Mother promised to care for Ayana who suffered from severe brain damage and medical complications. On September 22nd, 2007 at the sweet age of 24 she passed away. I know she is protecting us and is proud of her big sister.

The book cover is designed by Synthia Saint James, the forward is written by Rawsistaz Literary Group Founder Tee C. Royal and the back cover written by Bruce George (co-founder of Def Poetry Jam). The editor of this book is none other than Beverly Black Johnson who has been absolutely amazing during this process.

I'm blessed to say these are my first published pieces. God is in the blessing business. Thank you to all that have encouraged me and pushed me along on my journey. Stay tuned for more pieces to be published from yours truly in 2009.


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Pieces of Life Continued...Reconstruction Period!

And this piece of our lives is called...Reconstruction.

Almost a year ago myself and one of my closest friends Randi* talked about reconstruction and how it was time to get our life back on track. Randi and I were tired of crying, battling internal and external demons. Randi and her doctor finally found the right chemical balance in regards to her medicine and she was getting back into life. I was realizing that as much as I longed to move back to the Washington, DC area that God had other plans for me and that is why he brought me to Dallas. God was using various situations in our lives as the vehicles to a higher plain. We were more focused and ready to work.

We didn't let anyone or anything get in the way. If you tried we prayed on it and after a while they were slowly dropping out of our life. As a great woman that I once knew who passed away (Grandma Moorehead) stated, “Ladies it's time to take out the trash and start living your life!”

Through meditation, exercising, focusing more on our dreams of becoming writers and Randi having her production company we were on our way. The road was a little bumpy in the beginning and we learned how to deal with the rough patches and were starting to move in stride.

Always remember the storm doesn't last always. When it does hit you feel uncomfortable as your emotions and feelings are tested. Once it is over the reconstruction can begin and as you begin to feel clean again you will notice a difference. You are at peace with yourself, loved ones and those who caused disruption in your life are no longer around. Don't mourn over the loss, keep moving forward as new friends will be discovered and old ones that are now on the same page as you are resurrected.

Take everything in stride and one day at a time.

Copyright 2008 Serena T. Wills

Take Your Life Back!

Something short and and to the point. Too many of us fall back backwards in life and it's time to get up, dust yourself off and put yourself back together again!


It Was Time to Take Life Back…

Overcoming my demons
Climbing mountains
In this thing called life
No longer
Feeling defeated
As I redirected my energy
Into my love
Therapy for the soul
Cleansing as I traveled to places
Only people imagine
Blessings began to flow
As I won the battle
During this period
of reconstruction

Copyright 2008 Serena T. Wills

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Always Remember that No Matter What...You Are a Divine Mold

This poem is dedicated to all those who have been through a turbulent relationship and begin to doubt themselves. Always know that you are a divine and unique design made by God. He knows you from every hair on your head down to your toes. He knows your beautiful spirit and wants you to wait on Him to lead that man to you. He has designed someone for you and only in His time will you know. I was also blessed to have this be my first framed poem sold that touched a young ladies heart that now knows she is divine and unique. Peace.

Divine Mold

God will bless me with a chaser
And I don't mean alcohol
I’m talking about a man who believes in that old fashion love
He will pursue ME and when he catches me he will never let go
See I’m a creature of my father God
Unique and divine in every aspect
Perfect in His eyes
I'm here to school those
Who can't appreciate that luvin that only your Grandma can talk about
I now know that just as I was created in God's eyes for someone
In return…God has made someone for me
I've quieted my soul and turned off all negative voices that just don't know
God is my radar screen when it comes to Him leading me
I’m having an internal battle lately and a spiritual conflict so to say
Instead of trusting in Him I lost sight of my way and trusted myself
Led astray from my faith in you God
Forgive me as I give all to you
Again mistaken and take for a fool
God I'm going to keep praying
And must believe it's all in your time
So I'm going to sit back and wait
Just wait for my blessing to appear
Waiting patiently
For that old fashion…old school luvin
That only You will know

Copyright 2008 Serena Wills All Rights Reserved

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Love Jones...Do You Have One?

Hmmmm, the weather is getting cooler and a few of my friends have the love jones goin on. So I'm dedicating this piece to all those that have that jones.

Sweet Love Jones

This love jones has jumped into my soul
I don’t know how to explain it
It’s a feeling that only one would know if they are in love
This jones in my bones has an erotic feeling
That I can only show to my loved one
A jones can be mysterious
You begin to wonder and look for answers as to why you feel soooo good
A love jones follows you throughout your soul
And when you are intertwining and unwinding with your lover
It just comes out like a racing stream before the waterfall
There is no control over these emotions that flood your spirit
And when it’s time to share then there is no turning back
As my man whispers in my ear to give it to him all night
My body melts and my soul is awakened by the sound of his voice
His tender but hard strokes makes me know how much he loves me
You see when a man can stroke your intelligence, feed your spirit and stroke ya right
What more could you want from this King
I watch him sleeping knowing that I am dancing through his dreams
As we lay underneath the sun rising and hear the birds chirping
I thank God for another day with my King…my soul mate
As the morning grows and I begin to moan as my baby wakes me up the right way
A love jones is in my soul and I want to take this trip to ecstasy
With my baby…the King in my life

Copyright 2008 Serena Wills All Rights Reserved

I don't know what to name this piece...dedicated to my sister Ayana R.I.P.

I wrote this piece back in June sitting outside under the stars in Dallas, TX at a Fred Hammond concert. I was reflecting on all that I went through and how I lost my sister Ayana last September. I hope someone feels inspired after reading it. I performed this piece at an ArtLoveMagic event out here in Dallas on October 4th. Peace.


As the warm breeze hit my face
I knew then that, “It was done.”
All my problems, burdens and inequities
Were conquered
God told me years ago
“Wait on me child and I will see everything through.”
Nights I cried wondering how bills would be paid
Days went by wondering why my sisters health was fading away
God kept telling me, “I’m coming to rescue you, walk with you to get you through.”
Watching the sun leave the sky
As the moon peered through my blinds
Still wondering how to get through
Suddenly I felt a presence
In my space
Not understanding what or where it stood
My Grandma once told me, “Chile there are times when God is in your space and you will know it when you feel Him.”
God began to work through me
Around me
All for me
Burdens were lifted
Unanswered problems resolved
Bills were paid in full
As I understood that God comes in His time
He heard my sister asking for Him
Take me with you God
For I am done
Her failed health faded away
As she went to Him
And when she left me physically
I knew then that her battle cries were no more
And her job here on earth was done
God said, “Let it be done, let her be whole and may this life be complete.”
I listened to Him
As He conquered not just my worried
But He also reached back and conquered Ayana’s too
As He said, “Let it be done.”

June 27, 2008

Ayana’s job is complete. God you are worthy as you continue to heal us.

Copyright 2008 Serena Wills All Rights Reserved

Moonlit Path...

Once upon a time ago I was in love and was intrigued by my friend's story of meeting her boyfriend in Central Park under the moon light. I wrote this piece dedicated to everyone who isn't looking for the one, but he/she is lead directly to you. You never know...

Moonlit Path

Light shining through my window in the dark of night
Sitting in deep thought
Watching the clouds move until they covered the moon
Lighting scented candles and incense so a sweet smell would go through the air
I heard you rummaging through the house after a hard day at work
Hoping you would be attracted to the smell
My heart skipped a beat as I heard you climb the steps
When I think back to when we met in the park under the full moon, it feels like yesterday
The warm breeze blew through my hair and the leaves were twirling around as you approached me in the still of the night
Music was playing, people were talking and a man was juggling for money
All I could see was you as the moon shined down on the path
The path was lit by the rays of the moon as we moved in closer to one another
When I gazed into your eyes I felt at peace
That moment told me that you were the one
We sat on a bench nearby and talked for hours on end
The sound of your voice softened my soul and made me warm inside
The midnight hour was approaching
We walked down the street and held hands like old friends
Standing at the foot of my stoop we faced one another
You softly pressed your lips on mine and it felt so right
Chills went down my spine when you ran your fingers through my hair
The night finally ended with one last passionate goodnight kiss as you walked away
Hmmmmmmm…that kiss has been on my lips since that night as I look at you now even more in love then the day we met
Finally you entered the doorway to our bedroom after much anticipation
Strong hands began to massage the small of my back
Body shivering and my toes are tingling at your every touch
You took my hand and turned me around so you can kiss my lips
Making your way down as you begin to rub my pregnant belly that is holding our first born
Laying in your arms as we drifted off to sleep as the warm breeze from the window drifted through the room
It took me back to the night I met you on the moonlit path
Where our roads crossed will forever be in my soul
The rays of the moon showered down on us
It was the moonlit path that led me to you

Started on October 6, 2005 and completed June 15th 2006

Copyright 2008 Serena Wills All Rights Reserved

Nubian Woman

I performed this piece last month at an open mic and not only did the women love it but I got great reviews from the men too! I wrote this piece 8+ years ago when a guy I was dating was confused about the fact that women are just as strong as men and know how to handle their business. Hmmmph, the nerve!

This is dedicated to all those who are confused about a strong black woman. Enjoy...

Blood that flows as strong as the Nile River in Ancient Kamet
A personality that is as rare as a four leaf clover in a grassy meadow
Hair like lambs wool
Standing as tall and strong like the pyramids
Describes a strong Nubian woman
A person that can be as calm as a lake
And can handle the Grand Rapids in the Midwest
Physique like no other woman
Jeans fit right filling out all of the spots from left to right
Caramel complexion standing as tall as some of these brothers
That has gained wisdom from her Aunt’s, Uncle’s, Grandparents and Mother
With intelligence and common sense to stand her own ground
and beat you with her wits
Beautiful as a Queen; but will go out to battle with the warriors
With the spirit of Shango and the womanly wise of Oshun
Don’t be afraid of this diamond who learns from her past to build for the future
The strong Nubian woman who will nurture others, teach knowledge
And learn from her elders
Don't be afraid to be with this woman who is proud and encouraging
Someone who will lead you through the valley
And take you to the hilltop
Who can cook, clean, work, repair, volunteer and write
Be a mother, lover, sister and wife
Don't be intimidated by her strong presence and appearance
Love her, caress her, be with her, feel her and hold her
Stroke her mind, feed her continuous knowledge
Do not renege or take advantage
For she is a Queen to be
A woman who will stand by you when you are down, encourage you
When you are broke and love you for you
Hear her lyrics and fine poetry and come to realize that this can be meant to be
Be a friend before a lover
And do not step to her like these others
She sees you as her strong Nubian Man
And at a time of need will carry you on her back
Like she has with others who were in need
Somewhat like the footprints in the sand
Discover each other & learn to love her
For she is priceless
A spirit of a warrior and a figure like no other
A woman who recognizes her descendants and ancestors
That is a Nubian Woman in deed
That is the Nubian woman I see within me
The woman I came to be

Written By 2.5.2000

Copyright 2008 Serena Wills All Rights Reserved

Sunday, September 21, 2008

I'm one of the authors in Gumbo for the Soul: Here's Our Child-Where's the Village anthology! It's now ready for pre-order!

I'm truly blessed to be a contributing author to Gumbo for the Soul: Here's Our Child-Where's the Village! It's scheduled to drop in bookstores, Amazon, etc in November during National Adoption Month but you can pre-order your copy on

This book is special to me as it talks about adoption. Two of my gems (my sisters) are adopted. Christina is 19 years old and was born to a crack addicted mother. This is truly a compelling story as I discovered her while volunteering for my high school community service hours. Her story is entitled A Diamond in the Rough.

Ayana (deceased) was born to my Aunt Doretha in 1983. Her story is titled Against the Odds. Aunt Doretha died of AIDS complications in 1983 and my Mother promised to care for Ayana who suffered from severe brain damage and medical complications. On September 22nd, 2007 at the sweet age of 24 she passed away. I know she is protecting us and is proud of her big sister.

Please pre-order the book and support. The book cover is designed by Synthia Saint James, the forward is written by Rawsistaz Literary Group Founder Tee C. Royal and the back cover written by Bruce George (co-founder of Def Poetry Jam). The editor of this book is none other than Beverly Black Johnson who has been absolutely amazing during this process.

I'm blessed to say these are my first published pieces. God is in the blessing business. Thank you to all that have encouraged me and pushed me along on my journey. Stay tuned for more pieces to be published from yours truly. Peace.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Hiding in the Darkness

As I reflect on 2008 I'm steady praying for those friends that are in my life that support and encourage me. Then I think about those that I've lost. Not due to death or illness; but friends I've lost because they've decided to hide in the darkness. Darkness can be a few things; whether it's hiding behind lies, mental issues, their past, phony attitude, etc. This piece is dedicated to people who have lost themselves and are hiding in the darkness of their past. They don't want to address their issues...maybe they are afraid of being judged, being found out. Mental illness is very real and people's true colors will come out. If they don't want to deal with you then to hell with them. They cut off old friends that knew their dark secrets and found new ones acting like everything was okay. When in all actuality their true friends would remain in their corner. Stop hiding in the darkness and stand up to your issues before you are lost in them.

Mental Bondage

Mind is trapped
By this demon
He has wrapped his arms around my mentality
And has my spirit in bondage
I chose to give in cause I was tired of fighting
Too many meds and no sleep was getting tiring
Tired of waiting for God to work miracles
So I trusted myself and fixed myself…I think
I got demons in my system and I don’t know how to shake em
I’ve lost friends and loved ones who kept trying to tell me what to do
When to do
How to do
Too many doctors to count
Just testing me out
So I stopped doing everything that was supposed to help me
And now the person in front of you is one that I don’t even know
I am somebody else…and I keep losing people around me
I just can’t get around the meds
Physiological insanity that constantly brews
From childhood to manhood I have lost many battles
And even question my faith
A lot was taken from me and I don’t know what to do
Why do I have to live with demons inside my soul
Why do I choose to lock out God when others tell me He is in control
Continuing to lose people, jumping from woman to woman
Man to man who I think are my soulmates
So maybe one day I will let God in
In the meantime I guess I have to become friends
With the demons that live within
I know I have a choice to make
But I feel so weak
And even at times I feel evil
So pray for me y’all and maybe one day
I will let the Lord into my life
And let Him fight off these demons that have a hold on my mentality
And this thing called life

Copyright 2008 Serena Wills All Rights Reserved

One Year Later...

God has brought me through some storms. There were times when I thought I couldn't walk and I know He carried me. One of my best friend's Randi*and I over a year ago began to notice patterns and call them Pieces of Life. After we reflected on the month that had past we agreed on the title. Last September was called Sudden Death because that is exactly what happened. Life is not always full of blue skies and sunshine. We are tested and no one is ever ready to lose loved ones. I lost my sister on September 22, 2007 and Randi lost her good friend Hope that same week. Below is what we wrote up in this Piece of Life.

Randi and I received very grim news during the last week of September in 2007. All was quiet for this month until I received a call from my Uncle on September 22nd at 4:30am that my sister Ayana who had been battling with multiple medical complications since the day she was born lost the battle. At the sweet age of 24 years old the Lord called her home. Screaming and crying proceeded as I talked to him that early morning. Mommy could barely speak and as she got on the phone it was then that I collected myself and knew that God put me in a position to help Mom and even carry her if she couldn't walk. The flight to New York City was used for reflection and to take a walk down memory lane. I sat looking out the window at the clouds wondering if Ayana could hear my inner thoughts now that she made her transition. Ayana beat the odds as one doctor said when she heard of her passing. As Ayana was laid to rest she looked so beautiful and at peace. No tubes, the trek was gone, no more bottles of medication (eleven to be exact), no more extended visits to the hospital. She was finally home.

Randi's world came to a screeching halt on Wednesday, September 26th. Just one day before Ayana’s funeral. Her friend Hope had been killed by a reckless truck driver in the streets of New York City. She had just spoken to Hope that past weekend as they made plans to see each other one day soon. Hope proceeded to leave Randi a voicemail that same weekend as she read her one of her poems. Randi still has that voicemail saved as that was her last time hearing her sweet friend’s voice. Hope was an aspiring actress and was on her way to the big stage as she took a waitress job to make ends meet. She had just stepped off the curb when the careening truck ran into her leaving her for dead. Hope and Ayana loved the color lavender. Even though we want to question their deaths we were raised to know that God protects everyone, but there are times such as these where we just don't understand. When something tragic happens we understood that God only takes the best and will protect them and us. We also inherited new guardian angels. God brought us through September but the pain is still so fresh.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Poem from My Trip to South Africa

Throughout my blogs I will refer to different points of my life. One was life changing when I visited Johannesburg, South Africa eight years ago. My friend Raashida lived over seas and I'm so thankful to her for exposing me to rich culture. Here's one of the poems I wrote on my journey.

Great Journey

Passion flows through my vains
Like the water falls in Zimbabwe
My love is as strong as the crashing waves of the Indian Ocean
Romance is as mellow as the sun setting over the Egyptian Pyramids
Heart as big as the continent of Africa
Knowledge to pass onto others that seek Sankofa
Nurturing my loved ones as a Mother who loves their child
Thoughts of my future…pleases me
Those in my life are the pillars in my temple
Holding me up through the good and dismal
One who holds my hand feels the strength of a warrior
And the knowledge of an elder
Those who embrace me feel the warmth of the sun as it blazes over the Sahara Desert
Divinity flows through me as the ancestors guide me through my paths
Journey after journey
I seek more knowledge and see things that I want to see
Learning from different traditions and religion
Pleases me!
My face is young but my tongue is old
For I speak the wisdom the ancestors have passed onto me
I sat underneath a Baobab tree
Listening to the cool wind as I felt a breeze
I raised my hands high to give the ancestors praise
On this glorious day I begin to think of all I went through
From birth to childhood to adulthood
Amazes me
As I walk to the well I think about my American ways
How they tried to brainwash my people
To believe that your natural hair is nappy, your color is too dark and your features
Are just not good enough
Coming back HOME taught me a lesson
As I feel the hot sand beneath my feet
Wondering why it took so long to come back home
I am on a journey, would you care to join me
To free my peoples minds and spirits
And let them know that black is beautiful no matter what shade
And to free your hair and do your thang!
I’m on a journey through Africa
I’m on a journey to be one with myself
To free my mind and everything about me
I'm on a journey to

Fall 2000

Copyright 2008 Serena Wills All Rights Reserved

The Sky Over Dallas

I moved to Dallas 2.5 years ago. Like a lot of people I moved for one thing and instead I've learned that God has blessed me with something so much greater which is to take my writing to another level. I'm an east coast gal and it took time for me to like Dallas. The one thing I simply enjoy and love is the sky. If you live in the Southwest or West coast region check out the sky when the sun is going down when there are shades of purple and blue as the sun is kissing the day goodnight. Check out my piece Dusk Meets Night. Peace.

Dusks Meets Night

Evening sky meets dusk
Simple line of color
Shades of purple and blue
Almost night
As I look up into the sky
Gazing at the stars as they welcome the dark
Knowing I made it through another day
Blessings that shower over me
As dusk meets the night
Gazing into the sky
My eyes talk to the stars
As I study each one of them
Uniquely shaped and scattered in no sort of order
Summer breeze whisking around me
As the wind softly whispers in my ear
As I praise nightfall
The quietest time of my day
No chatter, no work to be done
Just a date with my pen as I write into the night
I closed my eyes for what seemed like minutes
Turned into hours
Dreaming in the stillness of the dark
I was awakened by the beaming sunlight
Saddened that I missed the darkness of night
Getting ready for my workday
Sitting on the edge of my bed as I pray
Making through in some sort of way
Looking forward to the night as I will spend time with my pen
And just write and write into the night

Copyright 2008 Serena Wills All Rights Reserved

Inspirational Thursday!

First Blog Post!!!! I wanted to put a couple of pieces on here that are inspirational and that talk to people. Besides writing, I'm a lover of music. I sometimes wish I could sing and I've been toying with learning how to play the guitar, drums or both. Check out how music makes me feel. Enjoy.

Music Makes Me High

Sweet sounds of music takes me to a hidden paradise within my soul
A place where I can forget about my problems of yesterday
And dream a dream of today
This place is hidden deep in my soul
A treasure, a pearl, a place where no one knows
Where the beats and rhythms take control
Soft and loud voices singing to my soul
Hidden in the depths of my heart…
Smooth tunes soothing
As I begin
Sweet voices
Singing to me
Playing at my heart strings
Beating on the drum of my heart
Leading to me to
Whisking me away
To a place
Deep within my soul
A place where no one knows
But Him
And me

Written: November, 2007

Copyright 2008 Serena Wills All Rights Reserved