Monday, September 13, 2010


I wrote this piece and shared it at Damion and Morgan's wedding in Las Vegas last weekend! It was revealed for the first time at the ceremony which was very touching. I witnessed God working through the whole garden that evening. Damion and Morgan may God bless you both on your union. I love you both.


Flirting around like two dancing butterflies that flutter wings to a soft breeze

One getting closer to the other as one flies away

Back and forth as they sway to the wind on a warm spring day

When we find each other again I begin to wonder how God knew

To place you

So intricately

Like a puzzle piece into my life

You fit just right

I asked God, "How do I know he/she is the one? I mean this can't be, this isn't the way I wanted to meet?"

He told me to take "me" out of the scene and His word is the final...

Meditating on God I heard Him say look closer and you will see...

Finally staring into your eyes I saw the energy of waves crashing on a Hawaiian beach, delicateness of a parent holding their newborn for the first time and the love of two after they renew their vows

Deeper I saw God in you

Answers to questions came as fast as a rolling storm on a hot summer night

Spirit igniting as He shined the light on us

Reminiscing on days where I thought God didn't design someone for me

Seeking near and far for you as time went on I stopped looking

And when I did...there you were

All this time we were twirling around one another

When we met your smile lit up the dark sky

Gently touching your hand I had assurance that God made me for you

Suddenly my walls were crashing

Hesitation that felt like uneasy breathing

Was no more


You're my equal

Spiritual partner




Care giver

Night in shining armor

Future mother of my child

Father to my unborn

You're my best friend

And we are in this until the end

I will say I do

To you

Knowing your love for God and how you always put Him first

Granting us permission to move onward

Living our lives like its golden

Our rings symbolize unity

Hearing the angels singing in harmony

On our special day

Baby I would have it no other way

As we lay

Our paths down to walk together

In God's direction

Searching no further

As we have a love to call our own

In faith alone

In Christ alone

Forever in unison

Written By: Serena Wills

August 28th, 2010

All rights reserved

Copyright 2010 Serena Wills