Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Father's Day Weekend Random Reflections (written on June 21st)

As I listen to the sweet yet soulful voice of Deb Driscoll belting out, "I See Freedom, I See Freedom." I'm mellowed out. Its not your average fathers day weekend for me. I'm usually somber and somewhat depressed. But this weekend I got to work along side artists like Deb Driscoll who can belt out a Janis Joplin song to Nina Simone acapella, Matt Barron who can go from blues to a Bob Marley tune to the poetic genius of Michael Lagocki, to a visual explosion of artist Erica Davis.

It was a bitter sweet weekend as I performed for the last time as a Dallas resident at the ArtLoveMagic Fathers Day show on Saturday night at the Egg and I restaurant in Addison.

Bitter because I miss my Papa, bitter because I'll miss the creative collective that embraced my talents as a poet and writer. Sweetness as I head back east to the DC area, closer to family, work for myself as a contractor to nonprofits and continue making my dreams as a published author, reunite with long time friends and to the kids in my life.

Ahhhh the children in world are so sweet, busy and I love each of them. Such as Mr. Noah who may build an ark one day because he is so busy. Funny thing is he can't walk yet but keeps ya running! My friend Lia and Johnnie (Happy Belated Fathers Day Blaze) are moving back from Nicaragua the same time I move to VA and will have this ray of sunshine who makes my biological clock jiggle with his giggles!

One being this sweet guy here named Angel who will be 3. Character in his own right with a smile that will melt your heart.

Another being my cute nephew Dontae who is 7 going on 21. He's way too intelligent for his class and gets into trouble when he's not challenged (and he likes to talk a lot...I guess it runs in the family lol). But with a strong arm from his grandma, mom and titi Rena we will make sure he grows up to be the next Prez Obama.

To the grown, witty and sophisticated goddaughter of mine Kayla. Graduating from HS next year she has jumped many hurdles and overcome obstacles that the average almost 17 year old shouldn't face and can stand tall and say she is accomplishing her dreams by getting her education and applying for college.

Reflecting on my life in Dallas and all of my family and friends I sip on a sweet glass of Riesling as I nod my head to Aaron Garcia as he plucks those guitar strings as Deb mellows the audience with her soothing voice as she sings,"We let our own love fall behind, I'll be the first to reach out and touch your cheek" as I type stroke the keys on my blackberry making my own music called writing.

I'll miss these summer days listening to the artsy collective all over the city. On this fathers day weekend instead of moping around and feeling bad about my Papa not being here I'm happy that I'm able to share my love around the city and country through my lyrics and words. Thankful for the wonderful Dads that are in the lives of their children and for the kids and family in my life.

Today also marks the first day of summer solstice and my sista friend RiShana's birthday. RiShana has been my sista girl since 1993! Dynamic artist blossoming like wild flowers in the middle of a grassy field. Check her out around NYC through Pure LiT Productions and stay tuned for a collaboration piece soon.

Lastly today marks 9 years I met my fathers side. Ashamed growing up not knowing him wondering why he never acknowledged me. I remember this weekend in 2000 walking around the mall with my sister Shay Danee (hair stylist) and my older sister Jeannie. Shavonn I'm glad that our father had us so we could be sisters!

I always pray for Jeannie as she distanced herself from us not being able to embrace us. Its all good. God always has something planned and now that I'm 34 I can say I'm thankful the way life turned out. I'm thankful that Papa was the man in my life as he showed me true gentlemen hood, how a man should approach a lady and although quiet was full of knowledge.

Sitting on a comfy leather couch at Kelly's Eastside Restaurant in Plano, TX as Aaron Garcia takes over the mic while Deb is taking a much needed break I can honestly say this weekend has been peaceful and serene. Happy Fathers Day everyone! I hope your weekend was just as relaxing as mine turned out.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Have a Little Faith is Here for Purchase!!!

Yes it's here! I'm blessed once again to be published in another anthology! Have a Little Faith edited by Vanessa Miller is a compelling book with various authors as we tell our stories of our journeys and how we made it with some faith! I have two pieces published. A poem titled, "God's Whisper" and a story titled, "Spiritual Awakening."

You can now purchase your copy by clicking on the Paypal link on my page to the left! The price is $14.95 which includes shipping and handling!

Again thank you for your continuous support! Also don't forget the first anthology I'm in titled, Gumbo for the Soul Here's Our Child Where's the Village that can be purchased on either Barnes and Noble or Amazon at http://www.amazon.com/Gumbo-Soul-Heres-Child-Wheres-Village/dp/1440101264/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1245292996&sr=8-1 or http://search.barnesandnoble.com/Gumbo-for-the-Soul/Beverly-Black-Johnson/e/9781440101267/?itm=8

Stay tuned for more details on the arrival of the third anthology I'm published in titled, How I Freed My Soul, Volume 1. Edited by Khadijah Ali-Coleman! Peace and blessings and thank you for your support!!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Etsy Online Shop Updated with New Product for the Special Man in Your Life!

Hello everyone! I hope all is well on this beautiful Saturday! I updated my online shop to include my special edition Father's Day frames.

The featured poems in my shop are His Voice in Black and Walnut frames (please see image below) and God's Whisper (black flat classy frames). His Voice Black and Walnut frames are $20-$25 + shipping and handling. God's Whisper frames are $15-$20 + shipping and handling.

Buy one or more frames as a gift for your Dad, that special man in your life or a great father! I wrote His Voice to all of the men that are in my life whom have inspired me whether they are fathers or not (those who aren't will make terrific Dads one day)!!!!

If you have any questions email me at serenawills@yahoo.com All orders placed by 12pm Thursday, June 18th will be shipped that day for a Saturday delivery (right in time for Fathers Day)!

My online shop website is http://www.divinewryte.etsy.com/

Have a glorious day!!!!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

I performed this piece tonight at the ArtLoveMagic open house in Deep Ellum. This is dedicated to all those who are trying to keep up with the Jones', forgetting about your loved ones and losing yourself in material things. As a wise woman once said...you may love it but you can't take it to the grave with you. Some choose money, cars and bling and wind up losing the love of their life. Not caring that their pipedreams are destoying their life. On that note I present to you...Bling Dreams!

Bling DreamS

He was a crack feen
Dope feen
Smoking that pipe
Called the American dream
He went from rags to riches
Thinking of cars, clothes and bitches
Pipe dreaming, smoking that pipe full of money, jewels and women
That can’t care for him
Or even dare to look out for a brother
Loving money, rims and bling cuff links
As he walks around dumb founded
The life he once envisioned
Has been clouded with selfish schemes
As he fulfilled his pipedreams
Thinking he went from ashy to classy
Accept the women weren’t calling you Big Daddy
Nope, not those who only see the money, paycheck and your cover up that you want to call life
As he battles internal demons
Dissin his friends who’ve been in his corner forever
Forgetting about those times he was admitted to the hospital
One time he didn’t have a dime and his friends got him out of trouble
We no longer fit into his bracket
That wanna be income level that you steadily waving in our faces
And it’s cool…just look to us when those demons come after you again
And again
And again
Keep smoking that crack pipe full of Blackberry’s or what I call Crackberry’s, wanna be important meetings, driving in a blinged out car while you still live with your parents
Check yourself before someone else does
You once saw me as your Queen
The one you wanted to share your dreams and goals with
Half on a baby and the house with the backyard
You tried to crush me as you made that move on up the corporate ladder
As you stopped taking those meds to even yourself out
Or was it the time you decided to move into the deluxe loft with that jacked up credit report
When we once envisioned the house with the white picket fence
You were high on yourself
Smelling yourself
And forgetting about all those who were in your corner
You forgot about me…
But this is my good bye letter to you
Cause I’m happier without ya
My dreams are real and my passions are being fulfilled
This is what we call life my brother
Realizing that I made a mistake
Instead of allowing Him to lead a man to me
I lead myself to you
Our paths never intertwined because I’m living life
As you are steadily
Smoking that crack pipe
Called material things
Trying to live in a bling dream
What you think is the American way
I’m letting go of my anger today…
You took too much of my time and it is time to let it go…
Just wake up brother
Wake up…before you lose more.

Copyright 2008 Serena Wills

All Rights are Reserved

Started October 26, 2007 and completed January 21st, 2008