Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Eye of the Storm

(I wrote this back in October, this has been a season but it is getting better)

This weekend I cried
Storms of tears streamed down my face as I lied
In a paramedics truck shaking and whimpering
Scared to death that the demons that took over my body were laughing
At what they thought was my demise
My health was stripped day by day
And everytime I woke I laid
In a state of mental, emotional and sometime physical paralysis
Almost giving up in the midst of the hurricane going on within my body
Strangely enough when I thought my body was mending
Sudden relapse occurred as if waves were crashing
Back and forth in my system
Palpitations as my heart was racing
Hot flashes as if I was menopausal or PMSing
Infection in my chest, lungs and body was winning
Medication after medication had me jumping
Out of my skin
Tremors like an earthquake within
I almost lost focus on Him
While others were prepping for Sandy
I was praying for healing so I could be
Back to my natural state of upbeat vitality
Closing my eyes in the ER yet again I had a visit from Mommy
She appeared on my right side and said softly, "I won't dare let you die, I birthed you and pray for a renewed you."
Ayana my sister came to her side and said, "Big sis, heal and be one again, live your dreams and cut out the stress whether its people, places or things.."
Before I could fix my mouth to say a word
They were gone
I awakened to all of my levels being normal
Free to go home
Day by day
Hour by hour
Minute by minute
I'm thankful that God is piecing me back together as I broke during the storm
Remolded in His eyes I have a new focus
And I'm killing the stress in my life!
The eye of the storm could have destroyed me
But I have to much to live for and will give thanks to my Father daily
Thank you God for keeping me
Using your hands to mold me into a divine figure to reflect thee
It's now time to clean up the aftermath
Head down a different path
Filled with love, dreams and all
Focus on Him in your storm
I was too worried about getting blown away in the winds
But after a while I refocused and laid my eyes on Him
Thank you God, Christ, my ancestors (Ase) and to my renewed life

Peace and blessings everyone

Written By:

Serena Wills
October 29th, 2012

(During Hurrican prayers go out to all of those that suffered and were in her path).