Monday, December 19, 2011

Parenthood Experience!

This is what I've learned and continue to find out as a new parent! Enjoy!

The best gifts are necessities! Christmas is coming! So it's great to get cute stuff but try and get the necessary items covered! We just had to buy diapers for the first time last month when Jordan turned 3 months old! Diapers are costly! Wipes and other essentials are great and gift cards to help are outstanding!

Network with other parents! I have friends that have given me clothes, toys, vibrating chairs, swings, etc for Jordan! They passed it on since their kids are bigger now!

Create a Mommy/Daddy swap! Some things I have are on "loan" because that family wants more kids and until they have them they loaned us stuff (swing, bassinet, vibrating chair)! Saved us a lot of $!

Don't buy every new gadget that's on the market! I love Babies R Us but that store can suck you in! There are gadgets I even had on my baby registry that I took off (thanks to some great friends)! Like pacifier wipes, a wipe warmer, the car wipe warmer, the baby bathtub with shower head/jacuzzi mechanism which is shown above)! Need I say more!

Don't listen to everyone! MY GOD! People had some serious opinions during my pregnancy! Listen to some advice but don't get overwhelmed (its very easy to get irritated with the amount of advice you will receive)!

Its okay to politely tell people to please mind their business. Also its fine to tell people to not touch your belly if you're pregnant. I had strangers who wanted to touch my belly! No...back off!

Don't buy a lot of newborn stuff! Your child might not even fit it and if they do it will be a very short period.

You're not eating for (2)! You can eat healthy while carrying your baby but if you want the baby weight to fall off afterwards please do yourself and the baby a favor and watch what you put into your body while you're preggers!

Your doctor/pediatrician is your friend. At least mine was/are! I told my OB about all the lovely comments and advice I was receiving. He humorously said, "You can ask me anything...that's what I get paid the big bucks to do." Lol. But seriously, have a good relationship with them and ask questions.

Once the baby is here, go out! Don't become a hermit. You want your child to be exposed to the world. I'm not saying go to a rock concert. But get out. Go shopping, a new mom's/dad's group, visit friends, family, etc.

Please start buying bigger clothes (going back to buying a bunch of new born clothes)...plan outward and diversify their wardrobe with all sizes.

Accept help! If a friend says, "I'll come over so you can take a nap, wash clothes, go for a walk/run, etc and I'll watch the baby." Then you should answer with, "Yes! Please come by!"

Did I say don't get caught up in buying all the latest gadgets lol!

Wanna make a profit while making space? Then put the baby things on Craigslist or they even now have markets where parents can set tables up and sell stuff. Some parents know they aren't having any more children. So why hang onto everything. Make room and money (you can start your kids savings account this way too)!

Review ratings of products! Very important!
I wrote this to help out expecting/new parents and hope other parents can add to it! Now my son is only 4 months old and I've experienced all of this! Imagine 4 months down the line. Enjoy parenthood!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Getting Ready for the New!!!!

I went to Reid Temple AME in Glenn Arden, MD on Sunday, November 13th to witness a dear sista friend of mine son get baptized. I was intrigued with the sermon and it came to me at such a delicate time of my life.

The pastor spoke about bringing old things into the new. There are some old things you can bring with you into new places. The old things that "work" and then there are those things that should have been left behind.

Friendships, grudges, emotions of a love gone wrong or feelings for someone who doesn't appreciate you are examples of what he spoke about. He used the perfect metaphor which I thought was funny at first and then when he brought it home everyone stood to their feet.

He collects old hotel keys (lol). The plastic ones. His wife hates that he does that! He said he went into a city to preach and pulled out an old key by accident to open the door. Of course the door wouldn't open he tried again and realized he pulled out the old key to open up a new door!

This made perfect sense! Too many times people bring old stuff into a new opportunity that God grants you and yet they don't understand why it isn't working.

Today I need to start sifting through some of my own old things. Although it might hurt to sweep out these old things...I have to because I'm going to block God's blessing and new opportunities if I don't get it together.

Some of us are given opportunities right in our face (God might bless you with a mate that's right for you) and because you're so hung up on "old things" you miss the new opportunity. The pastor left us with this, "Don't let God see that you under appreciate your new opportunity whether it be a mate, work, finances, etc. He can take it away and you may never get that opportunity again."

Think about what you keep dragging around, any new opportunities you're letting slip away and begin the work. Its not easy (I know) but its necessary.