Tuesday, June 15, 2010


This poem is what I envision anyone who is in love with a musician from a female perspective(no I'm not in love...yet). But one never knows what the future holds. Enjoy!


I’m in love with a musician
No need to front any longer as he always captures my attention
If he wanted me he could have me in any sort of position
Can’t go on living in denial
A glimpse of his smile attracts me
When he gets on that mic and serenades me
Got down on one bending knee asking me to dig him back
I froze and when my mouth moved nothing came out and I couldn’t say jack
Loving me from a far on the stage
Or up close and personal after a set
Assuming he did this to all the girls
Learning that in fact he only croons for thee
Mind is twirling 50 miles per minute
He’s different, magical and sexy
Singing lyrics that make even the coldest person feel a certain way
Warming my body inside and out
Inhaling…exhaling deeply…when he winks in my direction
Stressing on what to wear and even down to how I style my hair
Ladies…this crooner can sing any type of song
R and B, Reggae, Rock, Slow Tunes
Blues, Blue Grass, Latin and will even reach back and sing some Marvin Gaye
Sexual healing he’ll say to me knowing I’ve been burned before
Spirituality is out of this world
Reaching down in parts of me that were left untapped from the bums prior
Swaying to his tunes as I make my way to the front of the room
Nothing standing between us
Ladies this is way more than lust
Extending his hand out and I follow instruction
Pulling me close as he continues to sing
While dancing with me
Making the other ladies in the audience scream
Effect on me is like a hurricane
Blown away by his eyes, charm, touch, voice and musical talents
Crooning…singing love tunes for thousands
In fact even millions when he blows up
Hoping he won’t forget about our private memories
Creating musical love making from the last poem
Trapped in an artist paradise
With him…lucky girl I am
Listen to me…no more denial
Giving him my undivided attention
Writing poetry and lyrics for him
Facing the truth and simple fact that I’m in love with a musician

Copyright 2010 Serena Wills

All Rights Reserved