Thursday, August 29, 2013

Crimson Tipped Wings

Crimson Tipped Wings (a poem for Soror Jenea James)

I am an angel

With Crimson tipped wings

Playing my harp as I sing

Praises to my King

Made into an ancestor before my time

Due to jealousy and a senseless crime

Yet I fly

I smile

Although some think I'm many miles

Away...I actually stay

Close to them and you

When my children cry out for me I'm already there

Comforting them and whispering, "Please don't weep"

Cradling them in my wings until they go back to sleep

Soaring high above the mountain tops

I will never stop

Moving as I'm free as a bird is in the blue sky

Physical body has died

But my spirit is whole and very much alive

God gave me Crimson tipped wings

He knew I was His servant through my illustrious sorority

Crimson and Cream is what I knew

And Sorors I don't want you to be blue

Serve in His name

Remember me for being the same

The one...the only...Ms. Jenea James

I will guide each of you through servanthood

Asking to help our sistas out that haven't understood

How great and beautiful they are...remember me when you light the night

Full of candles

Praying for many women who haven't escaped the daily abuse and strife

I send rainbow colored wishes from the clouds

Praising His name

Praying that one of my wishes for peace and joy touch a woman who is bound

Mama and Daddy I didn't want to go...I didn't want to leave so suddenly

Thank you for being with me

Raising me and now my children who were lead to safety

Cherish the memories

Precious moments that we shared

Knowing that one day we will reunite in the heavens and I can tell you face to face how much I cared

I'm no longer in harms way

Surrounded by my Savior, God my father, Holy Spirit, ancestors and angels day by day

I'm an angel with Crimson tipped wings

Playing my harp while I sing

Praises to the King

I will never leave you

Nor forsake you

If anything I will protect all of you

Do not weep or feel blue

In the stillness of the night

On a sunlit day

Or when the rain falls

No matter what the day brings...remember that I will always love you

I will cover you Crimson tipped wings

Written By

Serena T. Wills

Rest in Peace Soror Jenea James…you are missed by many and loved by all

Copyright Serena Wills 2013

All rights are reserved.