Monday, January 10, 2011


I wrote this piece last year right after Mom's passing as I knew one day my spirit would be awakened again. Speaking with those who have survived an illness, emotional breakdowns, love gone wrong...whatever the case was, they were finally awakened and renewed. Read, feel, love, enjoy...


Fresh grass growing beneath my feet

Flowers blooming

Morning dew tickling me

Cherry blossoms in their fullness

Awake from a hard winter

Animals once again mate

Out from hibernation

I’ve been trapped too long

Yearning to escape like the flying birds above me

Soaring high as the clouds

Spring breeze swirling

Life awakened

Honey bees buzzing

Ladybugs crawling

Symbols of life after the storm

Welcoming the new season

Feeling refreshed and renewed as these creatures

Mother nature

Calling me personally

Life changes like seasons

Greet the warmth as these are the good times

Cold no more

Dawn arose on my side today

Waking up on the right side of the bed

Sun shining in my face

Open up my window

Hearing the children laughing and playing

Closing the chapters from before

Spoke of doom, gloom and the blues

Time for a new start

Evolution of me

Opening my mind to something new

Not borrowed or blue

I want a love for my own

Past defeat is gone

Being able to celebrate the lives of those gone

Awakened life

Even physically

Stand straighter

Chest out

Head up

Pep in my step

Laughing a little louder

Blame the awakening

Instilled finally

In the depths of my mind, body and soul


Conscious of my path ahead

Anxiously awaiting

Next steps

I can live again…awakened

Copyright 2010 by Serena Wills

All Rights are Reserved