Thursday, March 28, 2013

Living Life 155%

Dedicated to all those who are healing from an illness and cancer survivors! You can do it!
Living Life 155%
I run
Sky Dive
Bike Ride
Mountain Climb
Advocate for my friends with cancer that are trying to stay alive
I’m a…
Mother, Lover
Wife, Sister
Writer, Leader
And you ask me how do I do all of this in my life????
No longer think too much as I take chances and risks
For those that live life too cautiously I wave my finger and say, “tisk, tisk, tisk.”
I live life 155%
100% isn’t good enough for me
Once I became free I promised to live life naturally
Living every moment as if it’s my last
Traveling from place to place, city to city and yet you still ask
“How does one find the energy?”
It’s very simple…you see…
Just 2 years ago I was given 6 months to live
I thought I gave everything I could give
But it wasn’t enough…the doctors were about to give up
I vowed if I made it
To live my life wholly
Making my dream checklist I gave myself a “D” day
My “D” stood for destiny!!!
“D” stood for discharge and determination!
So once I was “discharged” from the hospital after it was said I would die I checked that off
Then I was “determined” to restart my life over and it was a must
Got rid of all those non-believers, doubters and pure haters
Those that stood the test of time in my darkest moments were my circle for life
Fighting to get my life back I went after my “destiny”
Every day I check off something from my long check list
And every day I add more to it
I’m living life like my girl Jill Scott as its Golden
Living Life 155%
If for some reason you dare resent how I live
Then you can see yourself to the door
And if anything your stupid doubts gave me more
Fuel to my fire
Added desire as I live out my life
Until God calls me home
Copyright (c) Serena Wills 2013
 All Rights Are Reserved
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