Monday, June 24, 2013

Burying the Past


Burying the Past

Six feet deep in my soul

Like a coffin in the ground

Laid to rest my emotions, fears and broken promises

Of my past

Change had to come soon

I would never be able to move forward

With anyone...not even myself

Until I buried the past and left it behind

Expunging the dirt, grit and grime

From things done to me in past time

Forgiveness is key in burying what you don't want to relive

Relieving the spirit from burden and pain

As it melted away all that is dark inside

Turned into light

Making room for new memories and a fresh start

Pieces of my past have tried to revisit

Reminding me

Of what or how I once felt

Tempting at times to go back

Building inner strength to leave it all behind

Learn from it

Break away from it

Sometimes the past is a substance abuse, past love, sickness and pain

In my case past relationships that went awry, a father that never acknowledged me, a mother who died and I felt I could have done more...wishing she did more for her own health

Forgiving all of them did something I never knew could or would happen

Walls that I couldn't get around or climb

Crumbled like the Jericho Walls

Heart was lightened and I'm ready to love once more

Reflections of my father when I look in the mirror now make me smile

Letting Mommy know that it's okay that you're gone, now you're whole eternally

I never knew that burying and leaving my past would help me strive

One victorious stride

As I let the past die

And be buried six feet under

Written By:

Serena Wills

(I think the original was done in 2007 or so and I revised it today). Peace and blessings.

Copyright Serena Wills 2013

All Rights are Reserved