Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mother's Day Special! Receive a Free Laminated 8x10 Poem with Book Purchase!

Hi everyone and blessings to you! Thank you to everyone that has supported and purchased a copy of the anthology I'm published in titled, "Keeping the Faith." I've gotten great reviews about my story from readers that have purchased and already read the book!

Here's what children's author Kelly Starling-Lyons had to say, "I was so moved by your essay. What a beautiful testimony. Proud of you, Serena. Keep celebrating your mom's life. Love that the meaning of Sauti is voice. Thank you for sharing your voice and memory with us."

“Keeping the Faith” is edited by Vanessa Miller. She’s an author and Essence Magazine Best Seller!

My story is titled, “Listening Ear.” I have a snippet below in the last posting. You can also purchase a copy online and I promise to sign it and send off to you. Prices include shipping charges.

I'm offering a special deal for Mother's Day! All orders placed before or on May 5th will receive an 8x10 Laminated Poem titled, "Abundant Love." Abundant Love is written for all mothers. This is a $10 value and I'm offering it free with the purchase of a book. Here is a snippet of the poem below:

Abundant Love

Her touch and embrace
As she wiped the tears from my face
Holding me tightly whispering, “It’s going to be okay”
Cleaning the dirt away from my scars
I remember those days
When Mama would make everything feel like brand new
Between cuts, scrapes, bruises on my skin from falling on my knees yet again
Mom has a tender touch as she told me to hold on tight
The sudden burn disappeared as Bactine was sprayed on my wound
In between sobs saying, thank you Mommy
Always wiping away the pain whether it was a scrape on my elbow
Or another love that didn’t go
In the direction that I thought it would be
Times when I couldn’t understand what was happening to me
Laughing now cause I was going through mere puberty
Causing her drama
But all mama could say was
Everything is going to be okay
Mothers have a way with words like no other
To this day I’m amazed of your strength and often wonder
How did we make it through...

If you live in the DMV (DC/MD/VA area) I can also drop a copy or two or how many you want to you directly. They are $10.00 each.

Remember this offer is only good until May 5th, 2011. Buy your copy and get a free poem today! Thank you in advance for your support!!!!!