Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Talking Drums

Last Thursday was my Mom's birthday and in African dance class through Coyaba Dance Theater in DC they dedicated the class in her memory and at the end I sat in front of the room as the entire class encircled me and danced for me and Mom.

It was so beautiful as the drums grew louder more and more of my sistas and brother's did solo's. We celebrated her life and my teacher's daughter's birthday as well. Her daughter cried and said she felt the love between Mom and I and even her presence in the room that day. From the mouths of babes.

In honor of Dance Africa kicking off this weekend in Brooklyn, NY I dedicate this poem to the dancers, drummers, musicians, artists, teachers, costume designers...everyone that embraces the African culture and traditions.

Talking Drums

Hands hitting the djembe drum
Arms flay in the air up and down
Like a bird flaps its wings
Talking drums shaking the stress and tension off of me
Conga drums shouting my name
Dun Dun drums playing a game
In my soul as it smiles
Dancing on my feet
Jumping in mid air
Loving me
Head bobbing up and down
Dipping down to the ground as if I’m picking food for the harvest
Ancestors surrounding me
Telling me I’ve won
And done my bid of being sick, depressed, heartbroken, stressed and hurt
Dance child
The drums are now shouting old sayings,
“If you can talk you can sing, if you can walk then you can dance”
Skipping around in a circle feeling too damn good
Everything I went through, all my battles, stir crazy thoughts, dreadful relationships, family lost
Now I can celebrate
Times that were once my most down points
Deep as the ocean floor
Built the bridge for me
Piece by piece
Wooden plank by plank
So I could once again dance
Knees to the ground as I give praise to the talking drums
Hands to my chest
Swaying them out again to the drums
Back and forth the drums talk louder to me
Telling me to praise Him because I made it
I regained momentum and speed
Spirit awakened
Dreams lived
Glass that was stained is clear
Mind is no longer in mental bondage
Tears have faded to the back
Hurt is let go
Turning in circles with my arms wide open
Feet moving a mile a minute
African dancing
Movements passed onto me from generation to generation
Exhaling and inhaling
Sweat pouring off my body
Exalted praise I give thee
Talk to me…
Beat those drums…
Shout and tell me to dance more…
Talking drums playing the beats and rhythms
Until I’m sore
Sankofa bird come down on me
Grant me with wisdom
Learning lessons from my past to help build my future
You gave me back my mother
My life
My future
My mind
Rebuilt my foundation from the ground up
The foundation that I now dance on
Drums are a talking…
Play those bata drums
Djembe, my friend conga, bang on the cowbell
Let me dance some more
Until I can’t dance no more

Written By: Serena Wills

February 8th, 2010

Copyright Serena Wills 2010

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sound of Your Voice

Mom's birthday is Thursday, May 20th and on the cold and rainy days especially I miss talking to her. We would talk daily about everything to nothing. Dedicated to those who are missing their loved ones and conversations that can never be replaced.

Sound of Your Voice

The sound of your voice
Calmed me in the midst of a storm
Be soothing during a cry when I just couldn't take it anymore
Loving sense of always knowing when I needed an, "I love you and that's all I called for."
Courageous in tone when I needed to get up...stand up after taking a hard fall
You always knew what to say
How to say it
When to say it
Timing was always appropriate
Sick sense would kick in
Not understanding how you always knew
Ears could hear miles away when I lied because I didn't want to worry you
Caught in a lie again when you would say, "You're not alright...talk to me."
Letting go as either the rage from being done wrong to a simple missing you from living so far
Somehow...some way...you always knew when I had to hear your voice
I long for our daily calls, laughs, tears shed and even silence between us on the phone
Pouring out tears for you as I can't have those days any more
Voice sang to my spirit every single day
Although I miss those days I'm so blessed to have had them in the first place
Today I heard the wind chimes clang as the breeze blew through my window
I know it’s you as you stopped by
To say, "I came by to say I love you."
Yet I can't see you, but I do feel you
And hear your gentle whispers as I lift my hands high to praise Him for the love we shared
Blowing kisses to heaven saying, "Mama...I love you too."
Sound of your sweet voice was music to my spirit and soul
Calling me right in the nick of time...

Written By: Serena Wills
May 16th, 2010

Copyright Serena Wills 2010

Painting By Soukaa, "Queen of Sorrow"

Monday, May 3, 2010

Southern Days with Old Friends

Back in March I attended a beautiful wedding. This one will always remain close to my heart as I saw two good friends from college unite as one. It came shortly after Mom passed away and at a time when I thought I would never smile again...I ended up rejoicing. Thanking God for their "I Do's" and knowing that love can strike at any time.

It was also a grand time with old friends as we all chatted about back in the days and how we are living life now...enjoy my poem, be blessed and love one another.

Southern Days with Old Friends

Cotton balls
Hanging out of the crystal blue sky
Breeze brushing across my face
Feeling spirits surrounding me
Gracing me with their presence
Smiling down like the sun shining on flowers in need of light
Blue bells dancing in the wind
Jazz music infused through the air
Of Charleston, SC
Lightening bugs flashing their bulbs in the midst of the night
Old friends laughing about college days and joy that life brings
Dancing with that crush from years ago
Southern accents that end with sweetie, honey or sugar plum...
Molasses on warm biscuits
Cheese grits and catfish warm my belly
Naps in the hammock from a full day of straight relaxing
With old friends, that can never be replaced
As we laughed and laughed and laughed about the easy days
Good times when we were all debt free
What was once serious is now petty beef
Making amends as we hit the streets
Of the deep south
Reuniting as we witness the union of two great friends as they say their vows
Funny how God works because in a time of grieving I'm rejoicing as they sashay into the reception hall
Never thought I'd smile again but how can I not grin as old friends and I dance the night away
Saying good bye the next day was bitter sweet
Back to our lives that await as some of get ready to hit the grind in the mean streets
Pure memories of a weekend with old friends, uniting in the south
Tickle my humor on those gloomy days
Remembering the tears of joy from the bride remind me of the old saying that, "Joy comes in the morning."
Watching a brotha friend of mine tie the knot screams inspiration to me
Waiting on God to wrap up molding my future Valentine
My, my, my...how I smile reflecting on a beautiful day in sunny South Carolina
Where the worries and emotions of my world temporarily came to a stop
Chilling with old friends, made some new...unity as one
As we witnessed a union stated by God when He granted favor on the new husband and wife

Dedicated to Dr. and Mrs. Adolphus Belk, Jr.

Written on March 14th and completed on May 3rd, 2010

Copy written by Law Serena Wills 2010