Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sweet Love Jones...The Remix!

If songs could have remixes why not poetry? I wrote this piece in 2002 and rewrote it last month. I decided to post it today in honor of Valentines Day. I performed this piece at the infamous "Underground Show" in Dallas, TX on January 31st. The original is posted on my blog as well but this one is more crisp. Enjoy and Happy Valentines Day (remember everyday should be each other always and not just once a year). Peace!

Sweet Love Jones…remix

I gotta a love jones
And it jumped into my soul
I don’t know how to explain it
Or how I’ve even obtained it
It’s a feeling only one would know
When they’re in love
This erotic feeling has made it’s way through my bones
I can only show to him
You begin to wonder and search for answers as to why you feel electric within
And when you are intertwining and unwinding with your man
Emotions jet out like a racing stream right before the waterfall
There’s no control over these emotions that flood your spirit
As my man whispers in my ear to give it to him all night
My body melts and my soul is awakened by the sound of his voice
His tender but hard strokes makes me know how much he loves me
When a man can stroke your intelligence
Feed your spirit and stroke ya right
What more could you want from this King
I watch him sleeping
Knowing that
I’m dancing through his dreams
As we lay underneath the sun rising
Listening to the sweet birds chirping
I thank God for yet another day
As the morning grows
I begin to moan as my baby wakes me up the right way
Nothing like a sweet love jones
Overtaking my soul
As I walk through this trip leading me to ecstasy

Revised: January 7th, 2009

Copyright Serena Wills 2009
All Rights Reserved

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