Thursday, June 4, 2009

I performed this piece tonight at the ArtLoveMagic open house in Deep Ellum. This is dedicated to all those who are trying to keep up with the Jones', forgetting about your loved ones and losing yourself in material things. As a wise woman once may love it but you can't take it to the grave with you. Some choose money, cars and bling and wind up losing the love of their life. Not caring that their pipedreams are destoying their life. On that note I present to you...Bling Dreams!

Bling DreamS

He was a crack feen
Dope feen
Smoking that pipe
Called the American dream
He went from rags to riches
Thinking of cars, clothes and bitches
Pipe dreaming, smoking that pipe full of money, jewels and women
That can’t care for him
Or even dare to look out for a brother
Loving money, rims and bling cuff links
As he walks around dumb founded
The life he once envisioned
Has been clouded with selfish schemes
As he fulfilled his pipedreams
Thinking he went from ashy to classy
Accept the women weren’t calling you Big Daddy
Nope, not those who only see the money, paycheck and your cover up that you want to call life
As he battles internal demons
Dissin his friends who’ve been in his corner forever
Forgetting about those times he was admitted to the hospital
One time he didn’t have a dime and his friends got him out of trouble
We no longer fit into his bracket
That wanna be income level that you steadily waving in our faces
And it’s cool…just look to us when those demons come after you again
And again
And again
Keep smoking that crack pipe full of Blackberry’s or what I call Crackberry’s, wanna be important meetings, driving in a blinged out car while you still live with your parents
Check yourself before someone else does
You once saw me as your Queen
The one you wanted to share your dreams and goals with
Half on a baby and the house with the backyard
You tried to crush me as you made that move on up the corporate ladder
As you stopped taking those meds to even yourself out
Or was it the time you decided to move into the deluxe loft with that jacked up credit report
When we once envisioned the house with the white picket fence
You were high on yourself
Smelling yourself
And forgetting about all those who were in your corner
You forgot about me…
But this is my good bye letter to you
Cause I’m happier without ya
My dreams are real and my passions are being fulfilled
This is what we call life my brother
Realizing that I made a mistake
Instead of allowing Him to lead a man to me
I lead myself to you
Our paths never intertwined because I’m living life
As you are steadily
Smoking that crack pipe
Called material things
Trying to live in a bling dream
What you think is the American way
I’m letting go of my anger today…
You took too much of my time and it is time to let it go…
Just wake up brother
Wake up…before you lose more.

Copyright 2008 Serena Wills

All Rights are Reserved

Started October 26, 2007 and completed January 21st, 2008

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