Thursday, February 3, 2011

His Voice

Father with Daughter (my good friend Will and daughter Siena) photo by Delilah Whisenhunt
 I had to bring this poem back. It's almost 2 years old but as of lately I've seen a lot of my brothers going above and beyond to care for their families and they are an inspiration to me. The love they have for others is very real...I thank you for being an inspiration.

His Voice

Dedicated to the true man…




Depicts a man’s strong voice

Who isn’t afraid to think


And motivate your whole thought process

Mover and shaker

Building a foundation for his family

Spiritual leader and the healer for his wife

Partner in someone’s wildest dreams

Intervenes when he needs

Peace and unity in his circle and life

This goes out to the true man

Hardcore worker

Back breaker



One who fills my soul with his mere intellect

He turns my spirit on in such a way

When he gets down on his knees and simply prays

Honest and truthful

God’s divine model

Of what a true man possesses

Aware of his Creator and who’s really in charge

Father to his kids and sometimes others

Beautiful son to his mother and elders

Embraces his culture

Open mindedness to what life has to offer

Doesn’t mess around or toys with anyone’s feelings

Man of God, truth and justice

True King in my eyes

As he walks with no fear to protect his community

Leaving me to simply love thee

This goes out to the true man

Not everyone can raise their hand

And fill his shoes

He’s no one’s boy

Done with those days of playing

Bending down on his knees

Praying for the little boys in the streets to grow up

Taking their place in society

Voicing concern to those who think they’re real men

But they aren’t as he strives to inspire

All those he touches

Knowing his passions and calling

This is dedicated to the true and worthy men…

Peace and Love,

Serena T. Wills

Written March 7, 2009

Copyright 2009
All Rights Reserved 

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