Thursday, January 17, 2013

Mourning Blues

Dedicated to my brother Dom Celanges, January 26, 1970-January 9, 2013. Rest in peace my brother.

"Mourning Blues"

I talked until I was breathless

With friends late last night

Reminiscing on times and when all once felt painless

Laughing about good times shared and what you always seemed to call "your side of the story" and
that sense of humor

But yet it's all a mystery

As to what went wrong

I will always remember you for your bright smile, kind heart, chocolate complexion and your grey hair that showed off your everlasting wisdom

One of the greatest men that I've crossed paths with in my generation

Yet you're gone

And we are all undone

Unwrapped emotionally

Sulking and crying as we mourn

The loss of a fallen great one

What I wouldn't do to hear your voice one more time

Wishing I reached out more

I will always ask why...

Why are you gone and so soon

We had so much to do

Life to live...but now I'm singing the mourning blues

Never forgotten my brother

Knowing deep in my heart God has opened His arms, made you whole and said to you,
"Son...welcome home."

Dom we love you we say in the West African Tradition Ase...Ase...Ase (honoring our ancestors)

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