Friday, July 11, 2014

Subway Stories

Boom tap boom tap tap boom tap boom tap tap

Sounds of kids hitting the bottom of buckets with their drum sticks

Heads bobbing

Some are annoyed

By the art of motion on a subway platform

Guitar case opened to join

For the impromptu jam session

Waiting for the E train on 34th at Penn Station

Thankful for the sudden noise so I can listen

People throwing change, dollars and whatever other bills they could find

Watching these artists on their grind

Now we got the three drummers with a guitarist in unison

Creating instrumental fusion

Subway pulls up

Finally after waiting one whole hour

They all piled on and I followed

Sitting closely as they continued their show

Now we got a flutist that blended in her cosmic musicianship

My pen is steadily writing

Poetry flowing from my brain cells through my arms down to my hand to the pad

Brotha tapped me and said jump in

Feeling the energy of a late Saturday night

I swayed back and forth to music that was out of sight

Spitting those ill lyrics

Making people wonder

Where did this sudden voice come from

Peeps are feeling my vibrations and by the time we hit Times Square it was really sumthin

Break dancers now swung from poles

Some moved and some were glued to their seats

As we turned an ordinary subway ride into extraordinary

I saw my stop come and go

But I couldn’t stop my flow

As the amount of people on the train began grow

This isn’t strange

As it’s an average day

You see everything from b-boys dancing, music acts, magic and even the dude selling 2 DVD’s for $10

Subway stories

There are so many

From police chases, people cramping your style putting their extra bottom next to you to a sometimes musty smell or two

But their ain’t nuthin like public transportation blended with the arts to make your ride go faster

Finally we were at the end of the line and the dollars were many and I just shook it off and told the young kids

Keep it and go make some more

I stepped off one train and hopped back on another to ride home

Next day I waited for the A

And suddenly I heard the sounds of

Boom tap boom tap tap boom tap boom tap tap

Slightly turning my head I saw my drummers

Winked my eye and hopped on the train

As I joined in

Ready for another jam session

On the subway…
Written By: Serena Wills
All Rights Reserved
Fall 2009...waiting for a train...native New Yorker until the day I die!

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