Thursday, May 21, 2009

Cube Life

This is dedicated to everyone who either is working in a cubicle or has in the past. It's not a great place sometimes. So I decided in my cube today to write a piece about my life in the cube. Enjoy and laugh!

Cube Life
I am in a cubicle
No door…no shelves…anything to call my own
I am in a shared space
Speaker phones blaring
Coughing, hacking and sneezing next to me
Personal calls on full blast
Living in the land of the show “Office Space”
20 people having a cube party
Someone sleep under their desk
While I’m trying to do some work and keep my cool
Working out of a box
As toxic breath and air crawls across the air vents
People with offices who have no shame
To keep their doors wide open
So I can hear their lame conversations
With yet another funder
Who doesn’t want to cut the check
Or a honey what’s for dinner did you let the dog out
Like I really care
Dilbert’s land…
Easily 10 people at any given time working around me
Getting louder by the second, minute, hour
As I begin to become uneasy
Flickering lights from the ceiling
Maintenance climbing on my desk yet again
Trying to fix the problem when it’s not the bulb
But electrical wiring instead
Lacking privacy
People following
Me down to my cube
When I haven’t even put my bag down
And turned the damn computer on
Question after question about an email
Never receiving one because you are still asking
When I haven’t even gotten a simple hello
My life in the cube world
Not the glamorous one
As bosses try to inflict us with pain
By adding more cubicles by the day
Week after week I feel like there is a hidden camera in the corner of the office
Cracking open my laptop as I hear
Voices getting louder
Speaker conversations going on
Same cubicle party still popping
Same dude still coughing
You Tube watchers slowing down the server
Broken heart singing that sad love song to their love no more
On speaker phone
Welcome to my life
Cubicle life…
One of many
Unfortunately more people that have to deal with it

Dedicated to all of those that are cursed by cubicle life who are about to go stir crazy!

Copyright 2009 Serena Wills

All rights reserved


Anonymous said... just put into words how i feel!!

Serena W. said...

Girl I almost snapped today. So instead of snapping I took all the years I worked in a cube and put it on paper lol! Yes I did have a co-worker years ago that took naps under the desk hahahaha! Glad I can make your day!

Tyrone said...

All I can say is Thank God for headphones...or else I'd lose my mind.

Serena W. said...

Could you imagine cube world without headphones!

Georgia Peach said...

LOL - I love this one Serena... you should def come to our offices...we actually intentionally try to recreate scenes from "the office," and oh that cube party - that's me and my crew in my officle (cube with a door). LOVED it, thanks for sharing it with the rest of us.

Serena W. said...

You're so welcome. Co-workers who read this said, "You should do this piece on your last day or at the next staff meeting!" Could you imagine! If that happens I'll let y'all know.

And you're the one having the damn party in the cube!!!! Shame! lol.


Hey there!

I used to live in a cube and I can definitely relate!!